Meet Carrie Chen Jun 陳峻

Born and raised in Shanghai, I studied auditing before embarking on a career for Baring Asset Management and ING Barings where I experienced cross-cultural environments. I moved to Spain to make a break with my financial background and try my hand at developing my other talents. However, the challenges of living abroad determined a new professional path.

I´ve worn many different hats in my career: State auditor, Broker in the stock markets, Trilingual interpreter & Translator, Conference speaker, Professional jazz singer and Theater actress, Master of Ceremonies, Writer, Social worker, Educationalist, Co-Founder of successful family business in China, Shanghai.

I have deep understanding on multiculture awareness and wide knowledge about doing business in China, Japan, UK and Spain. I specialize in international business, cross-cultural consulting and business strategy.

It´s a huge advantage that I speak Chinese Mandarin, English, Spanish, Japanese, German and have a basic knowledge of Russian and Hindi. I believe learning the culture behind languages. I have a special interest in Neuro-linguistic programming.

I regularly publish articles on intercultural topics and I’m authoress of the book “Casting Joy,” published in June 2015. “Un rincón chino de fantasias” and “Un quilin y su libro de jade” published in March and April 2016.

Some of my many interests include: traveling, jogging, reading, singing and acting. And above all, always learning.

I relish meeting new friends and sharing interesting ideas to support each other. If you feel like discussing business, jazz or cricket, just drop me a line and we will be Linked In.







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