Meet Carrie Chen Jun 陳峻


Born and raised in Shanghai, I studied auditing before embarking on a career for Baring Asset Management and ING Barings where I experienced cross-cultural environments. I moved to Spain to make a break with my financial background and try my hand at developing my other talents. However, the challenges of living abroad determined a new professional path.

I´ve worn many different hats in my career: State auditor, Broker in the stock markets, Trilingual interpreter & Translator, Conference speaker, Professional jazz singer and Theater actress, Master of Ceremonies, Writer, Social worker, Educationalist, Co-Founder of successful family business in China, Shanghai.

I have deep understanding on multiculture awareness and wide knowledge about doing business in China, Japan, UK and Spain. I specialize in international business, cross-cultural consulting and business strategy.

It´s a huge advantage that I speak Chinese Mandarin, English, Spanish, Japanese, German and have a basic knowledge of Russian and Hindi. I believe learning the culture behind languages. I have a special interest in Neuro-linguistic programming.

I regularly publish articles on intercultural topics and I’m authoress of the book “Casting Joy,” published in June 2015. “Un rincón chino de fantasias” and “Un quilin y su libro de jade” published in March and April 2016.

Some of my many interests include: traveling, jogging, reading, singing and acting. And above all, always learning.

I relish meeting new friends and sharing interesting ideas to support each other. If you feel like discussing business, jazz or cricket, just drop me a line and we will be Linked In.

Carrie Chen Jun

Entrepreneur, M&A Advisor, Multilingual Expert, Artiste.

Ethical Professional, Creative, Disciplined, Good Team-Player.

10 Years of Professional Experience in Financial Sector in China(Shanghai,Shenzhen & Hong Kong).

Qualified State Auditor, supervised financial accounts of listed companies in China, prepared auditing report. Specialized in Chinese accounting and auditing system, Chinese macroeconomic policies. Business Risk control.

Trader in Future Bond Market and Stock Market ( HongKong & Shanghai, Shenzhen) for Baring Asset Management, managed international fund and advised clients to invest in Great China Equity Market. I had an entirely blemish free record, during hectic days of trading.

10 years of professional experience in Spain, UK and Germany.

Senior Cross-Cultural Advisor, designed tailor-made training courses to  multinational companies, schools and public entities in Spain. A distinguished list of clients, including: Real Madrid, Baker & McKenzie, Protos Winery, Estudio de arquitectura Sancho-Madridejos.(Sol Madriejos y Juan Sancho), Spain Expansion Exterior etc. 

Experienced Simultaneous / Consecutive Conference Interpreter , truly Multilingual expert and reliable to clients.An impressive list of clients, including: China Dalian Wanda, Alibaba, TMall Global, Huawei, IE, IESE, International Telecommunication Union, Bank of Santander, European Commission, Telefonica, Indra, Iveco, ICEX etc.

Public Speaker and Writer: I have published four books in English and Spanish and have given speeches for universities, national and local organizations, NGOs, associations and business.

10 years of Professional Experience in the World of Art in China and Europe.

It has been my privilege to work with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, Lady Foster of Thames Bank, Marisa Paredes, Shanghai Television etc.

Jazz singer, Master of Ceremony, Theatre Actress, Voice Actress, design and present multilingual performance to corporate and private events.
Collaboration in the production special documentary project with Shanghai Television Station.

Collaboration in the production and processing special musical project: The Morning Bridges

I am Lyricist for four songs in Chinese and Vocal soloist for one song in Chinese on this project.

Art Project with Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei, Lady Foster of  Thames Bank, Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza and Spanish actress “una chica Almodóvar” (“an Almodóvar girl”): Marisa Paredes.

Shanghai Television Documentary Project

English Theatre Project

Casa Asia Project

Master of Ceremonies

Simultaneous / Consecutive Conference Interpreter ( Chinese, English, Spanish)

Public Speaker


Writing Projects-Four Books Published

Calligraphy Art Design

Cooking With Me Project

Articles published in newspapers and magazines



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